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Group Speaker Photo - SelectHealth Community and Public Relations Manager, Greg Reid, UTA Interim Executive Director, Steve Meyer, SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski, GREENbike Executive Director, Ben Bolte


GREENbike + Hive Pass = 


The Hive-GREENbike Sticker:

For the first time ever, residents of Salt Lake City will be able to wave the same card to get on light rail, bus or bike share! The Hive Pass will now come with a Hive-GREENbike sticker affixed to the back of the credit card sized pass. The sticker has an embedded chip that will allow pass holders to check out a GREENbike by waving it over a bike dock.

Where can I purchase a Hive Pass? 

You can purchase a Hive Pass online by going to or in person at the following locations: Salt Lake City & County Building Treasurers Office, Public Utilities Office or Sorenson Unity Center.

How do I activate my Hive-GREENbike sticker?

To activate your Hive-GREENbike sticker you must create first create a GREENbike account using the promotion code aka the Visible ID on your sticker. 

Can I check out a bike before my Hive-GREENbike sticker is activated?

You can! The moment you complete the above steps, you are ready to ride – to access your membership you can a) go to any GREENbike kiosk screen, select “member” and enter your phone number to pull up your account OR b) download the BCycle App, login to your account for easy mobile checkouts!

After creating a GREENbike account, how long will it take before my Hive-GREENbike sticker is activated? 

After you create your GREENbike account, it can take up to 2 business days for your Hive-GREENbike sticker to become active. 

How do I obtain a Hive-GREENbike sticker if I am an existing passholder?

Existing Hive Pass holders can obtain a Hive-GREENbike sticker via mail by contacting

Can I still receive the Hive-GREENbike sticker if I am already a GREENbike member?

Yes! As long as you sign up for the Hive Pass you are eligible to receive the Hive-GREENbike sticker. Existing members must email with their sticker promo code/visible ID to activate their Hive-GREENbike sticker. 

Will my GREENbike expire at the end of the month like my Hive Pass?

No! Your GREENbike membership is active for 1-year from the day you create your GREENbike account. 

For more Hive Pass information please visit