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Rates and Membership

 Annual Memberships

Available online and includes User Profile (Join Now)

Regular Rate $75
Discounted Rate* $56

Extra Time Charge

1st 60 minutes UNLIMITED 60 MINUTE TRIPS
61-120 minutes +$5
Each Additional 60 minutes +$5

Discounts are available to:

  • Senior Citizens, Active and Retired Military, Students and Teachers.
  • GREENbike Sponsors & Partners
  • 501(c)3 non-profits
For more information about/to obtain discount codes, contact us  

Short-Term Memberships

24-Hour passes
Available at GREENbike stations (Station map)

4-Day passes
Available online and include a user profile (Join Now)

24-Hour Day Pass $7
4-Day Pass $15

Extra Time Charge

1st 30 minutes UNLIMITED 30 MINUTE TRIPS
31-90 minutes +$5
Each Additional 60 minutes +$5


Office Pass Program

Interested in joining GREENbike with your co-workers? Check out our Office Pass Program to receive discounted prices. 

Office Pass Program

GREENbike Card

Annual members are sent a GREENbike Membership Card that lets you simply "tap a bike" to unlock it!

It keeps track of the of calories you burned, how far you went, and how many lbs of toxic pollutants you didn't put in our air.

Join Greenbike

GREENbike Replacement Fees

 GREENbike Card Replacement  $5
 GREENbike Bike Replacement  $1200
 GREENbike Key Replacement  $10
Damage to GREENbike  $25 per hour of labor
+ cost of parts
Abandoned Bike or Improper Return  $25 per hour, 
one hour minimum