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 Office Pass Program

Annual GREENbike Passes take your employees to the office in the morning and out to lunch in the afternoon. GREENbikes are designed for trips in the city by people wearing regular clothes, carrying ordinary stuff. Buying passes for your office will improve staff health/wellness and be a positive contribution towards improving our community's air quality! 

For Office Pass Program inquiries Contact Us

Office Pass Rates

  1. $35.00 Annual Pass

  2. $45.00 Annual Pass

  3. $55.00 Annual Pass

  4. $65.00 Annual Pass

Our goal with the Office Pass Program is to get more people out of their cars and on bikes. 

Bike share programs thrive on convenience and spontaneity. We want your employees to be able to use GREENbike to get to and from work, grab lunch, run a quick errand, and enjoy access to downtown during the weekends! 

*We are unable to offer "collective" passes to be shared within the office. For more questions about this please email us.